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Aleksei Vanamois - Freelance Cinematographer DOP Sydney NSW Camera Operator

Aleksei Vanamois [ DOP ] Cinematographer

I grew up exploring the world by pulling things apart and put them back together again. I found innovative ways to use alternative tools to create and repair whatever project I was getting into.

In search for a creative outlet I studied design at Billy Blue School of Graphic Arts and graduated from Swinbourne University with a Bachelor of Design degree in 2003. This was shortly followed by starting my career as a Graphic Designer with Gispac a retail packaging supplier.

I then joined Three Bears Media in 2006 as a Multimedia Designer, and developed sharp skills in graphic design, photography, web development, cinematography and in post production. Many projects required flying to locations all around Australia and overseas.

I became a member of the Australian Cinematographers Society in 2008 and I also began to offer my talents as a freelance cinematographer.

In 2010, I had the opportunity a setup a new onset department with Frame Set & Match, here I operated as a Digital Imaging Technician, Data Wrangler and Stereographer. I was able to experience the best of both production and post production. I learned how to colour grade in Baselight and Davinci Resolve, use systems from Codex Digital, and manage enormous amounts of data.

I have worked as a Digital Imaging Technician on the following movies: Goddess, Not Suitable For Children, Devil’s Dust, Wolf Creek II, Strangerland, Manny Lewis, Ali’s Wedding, Dance Academy, Liebe, Riot, and recently working with Peter James ACS ASC CSC on Bruce Bereford's "Ladies In Black".

Over the past ten years I have shot, lit, coloured and edited a considerable amount of projects. Some of the highlights include being the second unit DOP on the eye blazing zombie apocalypse ‘Wyrmwood’, working on the feature ‘Liebe’ as the A Camera Operator for Don McAlpine ACS ASC. Shooting my first feature 'Crystal Children', and recently the feature 'Bloodshot Heart'.

+61 (0) 405 679 291