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Aleksei Vanamois - Freelance Cinematographer DOP Sydney NSW Camera Operator

Aleksei Vanamois [ CINEMATOGRAPHER ] Director of Photography

I grew up exploring the world by pulling things apart and put them back together again. I found innovative ways to use alternative tools to create and repair whatever project I was getting into.

In search for a creative outlet I studied design at Billy Blue School of Graphic Arts and graduated from Swinbourne University with a Bachelor of Design degree in 2003. This was shortly followed by starting my career as a Graphic Designer with Gispac a retail packaging supplier.

I then joined Three Bears Media in 2006 as a Multimedia Designer, and developed sharp skills in graphic design, photography, web development, cinematography and in post production. Many projects required flying to locations all around Australia and overseas.

I became a member of the Australian Cinematographers Society in 2008 and I also began to offer my talents as a freelance cinematographer.

In 2010, I had the opportunity a setup a new onset department with Frame Set & Match, here I operated as a Digital Imaging Technician, Data Wrangler and Stereographer. I was able to experience the best of both production and post production. I learned how to colour grade in Baselight and Davinci Resolve, use systems from Codex Digital, and manage enormous amounts of data.

Over the past ten years I have shot, lit, coloured and edited a considerable amount of projects. Some of the highlights include being the second unit DOP on the eye blazing zombie apocalypse ‘Wyrmwood’, working on the feature ‘Liebe’ as the A Camera Operator for Don McAlpine ACS ASC. Shooting my first feature 'Crystal Children', and recently the feature 'Bloodshot Heart'.

I'm currently working as a freelance Director of Photography, regularly shooting commercials, branded content, documentaries, and drama. And volunteering as the ACS NSW Branch Secretary.

+61 (0) 405 679 291